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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Who can participate?
A: Everyone is welcome to submit photos to the awards.

Q: Who is considered a professional photographer?
A: Everyone who belongs to a professional photography organization or earns the majority of income from publishing or selling photos.

Q: Who is considered a student?
A: Everyone who is considered a student in their home country is eligible to use the student promo code, regardless of the subject or major enrolled.


Q: What are the prizes in the Global Photo Awards?
A:  In total, $10,000 USD in cash prizes are awarded. In each of the two categories (Nature and People), the winner receives $3,500 USD, the second place receives $1,000 USD and the third place receives $500 USD.

Q: How are the prizes paid?
A: The winners will receive their prizes via a PayPal transaction. Therefore, you must provide us a PayPal account to receive a prize.

Q: Who receives a catalogue?
A:  Every participant will receive a pdf version of the catalogue.


Q: What time zone are the deadlines based on?

A: To ensure everyone on the globe is able to participate under the same conditions, we base the deadline on (UTC -12), which is the latest time zone on earth.


Q: What are the categories?
A:  The two categories are People and Nature.

Q: What should be submitted in the People category?
A:  Photos should display people as their main focus.
     Images can also be drone or underwater photos.
        - Family
        - Culture and Lifestyle
        - Portrait and Self-Portrait
        - Artistic 
        - Travel
        - Street Photography
        - Others – any photos focusing on people not listed above

Q: What should be submitted in the Nature category?

A:  Photos should display natural scenes, elements and textures as their main focus.

     Images can also be drone, macro or underwater photos.

        - Landscape and Aerial images

        - Astrological objects and phenomena

        - Geological formation

        - Weather phenomena

        - Flora & Fauna

        - Animals

        - Underwater Life

        - Others – any photos focusing on nature not listed above

Q: What technical requirements should the photo have?
A:  - image type should be .jpg
     - max size of the photo is 7,000 pixels on the longest side with 300 ppi and 8 MB
     - min size 1920x1080 with 300 ppi
     - name the image file by your last and given name followed by the photo title (e.g., DoeJane_Title.jpg)

Q: Why do I have to fill in the additional information when submitting a photo?
A: It is necessary to have some additional background information to create an engaging catalogue and social media posts.


Q: How many photos can I upload?
A: In this year’s awards, you can submit a maximum of 20 photos, up to 10 photos in each of the two categories (Nature and People).


Q: How old can the submitted photo be?
A:  The photo should not be older than 5 years. We encourage you to create new photos, but we also would like to receive your best shots.


Q: Can photos be submitted if they have already won an award or competition?
A:  Yes. Share your favorite photos with us too. 


Q: Is it allowed to edit the photos?
A: Yes. Feel free to edit them as you like.


Q: Can there be a watermark on the photo?
A:  No. Whenever your photo is shown, you will be given credit.


Q: Can the submission be edited?
A:  No. Once the payment has been made, you cannot edit it anymore. Please review your data carefully before submitting and paying.


Q: What information is required to submit with each photo?

A: The following information is required:
    - Category: People or Nature
    - Title: in English
    - Story: A short story about the photo (explain your idea, concept, what you like about it, etc.) (max 255 characters)
    - Date Taken: The date when the photo was taken
    - Place Taken: The location where the photo was taken (e.g., country, city, …)
Hashtags can be added to each photo but are not required


Q: What happens if the upload is not completed?

A: The photo will be shown on the summary page as unfinished upload. 

Q: Can unfinished uploads be edited?

A: No. Unfinished uploads cannot be edited. 


Q: How can unfinished uploads be converted into submitted uploads?

A: They can be submitted by making a payment with the reference number to the Global Photo Awards PayPal account. 
There are two options to do so:

   - by using the form on the Summary page, filling in the reference number and price and finishing the payment.

 - by using the following link, filling in the reference number and price and finishing the payment.
Note: The verification of the payment can take a few business days before showing on the Summary page.


Q: Do I keep the copyright on my submitted photos?

A: Yes. You retain full ownership and copyright.

Q: What can Global Photo Awards do with the submitted photos? 

A: The photos can be shown in the catalogue, online on the website, on social media and/or in public showings (either printed or projected) and can be passed on to newsagencies by always giving credit to the owner.

Fees & Payment:

Q: How much are the fees to participate?
A:  The fee for the first photo to submit is $30 USD, for the second $25 USD and for every further photo $15 USD.

Q: Are all fees and prizes in USD?
A:  Yes. All fees and prizes are in USD.

Q: Is it possible to upload multiple photos and pay with one PayPal transaction?

A:  No. Every single photo upload is a separate transaction. If you wish to upload multiple photos with one transaction, please send us an email:

Q: Is it possible to pay in a different currency?
A: Yes. When available, PayPal will offer you to pay in your home currency. All currency exchanges are made by PayPal.  


Q: What is a coupon?
A:  A coupon is a promo code which can be entered to reduce the fee to pay.


Q: How do I receive a coupon?
A:  If you submit your photo before December 31st, you can use the "earlybird" coupon.
     If you are a student, you can use the "student" coupon.
     If you are a photo club or society planning on submitting photos, please contact us via for a coupon.

     If you are living in an economical troubled area and planning on submitting photos, please contact us via for a coupon.

Q: How often can I use a coupon?
A:  For every photo you submit, you can only use one coupon. Every coupon can only be used once per person.

     E.g., If you are a student submitting 2 photos before the early bird deadline, you can use the "student" coupon for the first photo and the "earlybird" coupon for the second photo submitted.


Q: When is the discount deducted?
A:  By clicking the “Submit & Pay” button on the Upload form, your image is checked and uploaded, then the Payment form will open. Here you can see the price you will be charged.


Q: How can the fee be paid?
A:  The fee can be paid with PayPal. You can either pay with your PayPal account, your friends PayPal account or use the “pay with credit card service by PayPal”.


Q: Do I have to have a PayPal account?
A:  No. PayPal offers a service to pay with credit card via their platform. Yet, to receive the monetary prize, you will need to provide us a PayPal account.


Q: What if something goes wrong with the payment?
A:  In case you cancel or abort the payment, your submission cannot be accepted. 

     Please, select the photo and fill out the required fields again to get to the payment form again.

     In case you have any trouble, please send us an email explaining your problem.

Q: How can I check my submitted photos?
A:  Please visit the Summary page to see your submissions. 


Q: What if my submitted photo is not shown on the summary page?
     -    If you have not paid the submission fee right away or cancelled it during the payment process, your submission is cancelled. You need to start from the beginning by uploading a file and filling in all the details.
     -    If you have paid the submission fee and the photo does not show on the summary page, please write us an email with the details of your submission so we can help you.



Q: Who will judge the photos?
A: There will be an international jury looking at each submitted photo and deciding whether it is accepted, rejected, shortlisted or award winning.

Q: Will there be information about the judging result?
A:  Yes. On the Summary page, you will see the status of the jury’s decision for each photo.




Q: How do I receive a newsletter?

A:  Sign up for the Global Photo Awards or send us an email to

Q: Why do I receive a newsletter?

A:  When you signed up for the Global Photo Awards, you opted in to receive our newsletter.

Q: How can I unsubscribe from the newsletter?

A:  We are sorry to hear that you do not want to receive any updates about our awards. You can change your preferences on the MyAccount page or by sending us an email to unsubscribe.

September 2022

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