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How It Works


In total, $10,000 USD in cash prizes are awarded.
$ 5,000 in each of the two main categories (Nature and People) are split accordingly:


$ 3,500 for the 1st Place 
$ 1,000 for the 2nd Place
$    500 for the 3rd Place

The winners receive their prize via PayPal and are responsible according to their tax liability.

Key Dates

2022.12.31 Early Bird Deadline
2023.04.09 Final Submission Deadline
2023.04.30 Announcement of the Shortlisted Candidates
2023.05.07 Announcement of the Winners

The early bird deadline is on December 31st, 2022. After the final submission deadline on April 9th, 2023, the jury takes 3 weeks to view all entries. For each category, a shortlist of photographers is announced on April 30th, 2023. The winning photos are announced on May 7th, 2023.


Fees to Enter

The entrance fee can be paid via PayPal or with credit card (offered by PayPal) on the website when submitting a photo. Each photo must be submitted separately.

$ 30 for the 1st photo
$ 25 for the 2nd photo
$ 15 for every further photo

Bulk Payment

To submit multiple photos at the same time or receive multiple personal coupons with one PayPal transaction, please send us an email:

Early Bird Discount

Deadline December 31st, 2022, midnight 
Receive a 30% discount on the first photo submitted by using the promo code: earlybird


Student Discount

Receive a 50% discount on the first photo submitted by using the promo code: student (valid for active students only)


Group Discount

Please contact us via for a group discount. A group is 5 people or more.

To help promote participation of photographers in an economical troubled area, please email us via for a promo code.

Each promo code can be entered when submitting a photo and is only valid once per person. Only one promo code can be submitted with one photo. Missuse of promo codes will disqualify the entered photo(s) and the participant. The price will be automatically reduced during the payment process. The entrance fee is charged in USD. Conversions to the local currencies are subject to PayPal or your credit card. Once the submission fee is paid there are no refunds provided. By paying the fee and submitting your photo you accept the Terms and Conditions.



Submission criteria

Photos can be submitted exclusively as digital or digitalized images in color and/or black and white (monochrome). The image type should be .jpg. The maximum size of the image is 7,000 pixels on the longest side with 300ppi and should not exceed 8 MB in size. The minimum requirements are 1920x1080 with 300ppi. Name the image file by your last and given name followed by the photo title (e.g., SmithJohn_Title.jpg).

The following information is required to be submitted with every photo:
-    Name, address and email of the participant (this information is stored in the user registration)
-    Category (Nature or People)
-    Title of the photo (in English)
-    A short story about the photo (explain your idea, concept, what you like about it, etc.) (max 255 characters)
-    When and where the photo was taken (date and location)

-    Hashtags (if you want them to be used when publishing your photo on social media)

-    Photos are not allowed to have any signature or identification mark on it when submitted. Every time the photo is shown or displayed the owner is credited. By providing us your @facebook and @instagram on the My Account page, we can tag you for credit.





Photos should display people as their main focus.
Images can also be drone or underwater photos.

   - Family
   - Culture and Lifestyle
   - Portrait and Self-Portrait
   - Artistic 
   - Travel
   - Street Photography
   - Others – any photos focusing on people not listed above


Photos should display natural scenes, elements and textures as their main focus.
Images can also be drone, macro or underwater photos.

   - Landscape and Aerial images
   - Astrological objects and phenomena
   - Geological formation
   - Weather phenomena
   - Flora & Fauna 
   - Animals 
   - Underwater Life
   - Others – any photos focusing on nature not listed above



All works complying to the terms and conditions by the entrant are presented to the jury. The organization has the right to decline submitted work without further explanation. The decision by the judges and the organization is final and there is no legal entitlement against it. No works can be submitted after the deadline. From all the entered photos, a maximum of 25% are accepted by the judges. Only accepted works will be in the online show and the catalogue. Every participant will be informed of the result for each photo in an electronic way (prize winner, shortlisted, accepted or rejected for the catalogue).


Showings and Catalogue

The participating photos can be displayed on the website and/or social media. Physical shows can be organized to display the accepted photos. This takes place in accordance with local rules and regulations, due to the covid pandemic.
Every participant receives a link to download a free copy of the catalogue. It will be available 2 weeks after the winners are announced.




All photos retain full ownership and copyright to their respective owners. 
The participant must ensure to be the owner of the photo's content and to hold all rights to the submitted photo. The photos must be taken in accordance with local and international laws and not violate the rights of any person.
In the general interest, by uploading a photo to the Global Photo Awards, the participant grants permission of non-exclusive reproduction and use of the entered work with no monetary remuneration. The photo can be shown in the catalogue, online on the website, on social media and/or in public showings (either printed or projected) and can further be used by newsagencies by always giving credit to the owner. In case of any failure to do so, the organization shall be given a reasonable time, starting from the date of notice, to fix any failure.
All photos are retained for monitoring and advertising purposes (on the website, social media and print) by the Global Photo Awards for a period not exceeding 12 months or the conclusion of the following year’s event, whichever is the latest. Awarded, shortlisted and accepted photos can be retained past that period for the same marketing purpose, best-of shows and anniversary catalogues. 


September 2022


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